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At just 2.9 square miles, Koh Seh is one of the smallest island off of the coast of Cambodia, but is it still a very popular resort island to go to. It is not surprising that so many would want to come to this beautiful land, as Cambodia is quickly becoming a hot bed for those looking to find the perfect tropical getaway. Cambodia not only has beautiful waters, island paradises, and an amazing climate that allows for nice warm temperatures year round, but the fact that this area is just new to tourism is making it a perfect place to go to because the islands to not have hundreds of years, or even decades of tourists traipsing over them ruining the beauty of the land. It is just beautiful here and a lot of it remains looking totally natural.

koh seh island cambodia

A Little About Koh Seh Island

Located just one-mile from Koh Thmei Island and about six miles from the mainland area of Sihanoukville Province, Koh Seh is in an ideal location for those who love to be in tropical temperatures while also enjoying the beach and the water that surrounds it. The name literally means “Horse Island,” but it is not known exactly how it got this name.

The island is part of the Sihanoukville province. It is located within Ream National park, which means that the island falls within the Ream National Park area, making it protected. This is why the islands see an abundance of life on and around the island. You will see several exotic animals on or near the island, making it a great place to see nature like you have never seen before.

The island itself is uninhabited, and many of the shores have mangroves on them. The most south-eastern portion of the island is on the edge of Ream National Park, in the Gulf of Thailand. Right now it is completely undeveloped, but there are plans to change that. There is a project that began late last year to add a large resort hotel here. This is kind of interesting considering that the size of the island seems to be an odd choice for a high-rise resort, but the construction should have already begun.

Included in the development plans are a casino, a large hotel structure and other amenities that tourists to the island should love. It will likely be one of the pearls of the region.

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Why Do People Come to This Island Now?

It would seem that a deserted island would not garner much attention, but that is far from the truth when it comes to Koh Seh Island. This is a very popular place for people to come to, primarily because it is so isolated and there are no indigenous people on it. This means that visitors can enjoy a peaceful day on the island, as tours come here daily for lunch and to allow people to swim, fish and scuba dive. Some even come to the island to camp out overnight, but this is not as possible with the construction work going on.

The primary reason that people come here is because they can enjoy the water like few other places on earth. Most places like this have had thousands or tens of thousands of visitors come to them each year, and so some of the luster and beauty has been lost. This is not the case with Koh Seh at all. They have had a small number of tourists to it, so the island is quite pristine.

Koh Seh Map (it’s near Koh Thmei Island

koh seh map island

Enjoy the Beautiful Waters

Many come here specifically because of the enjoyment they can have in the water. It starts with swimming. The water is so clear and warm that you can really get a good swim in, and the waters are not too rough, so you don’t feel like you are taking two strokes forward and one back. What is so much fun about swimming off of Koh Seh is that there are many places to swim toward. There are several other islands that are close by and you can even swim for Vietnam, which is just 3 miles away. That is, of course, if you are a good swimmer. Don’t just do this, however, as they will arrest you before you even reach the shore.

Besides swimming and laying on the beach, the most popular thing to do on Koh Seh is to scuba dive. Because the island area is protected, the coral reefs around it are absolutely amazing, and you will see sea life that will astound you. You are welcome to scuba dive or snorkel on your own here, or you can join a tour that will show you some of the most prime spots the world has to offer to see what lurks below the surface of the waters around Koh Seh.

koh seh snorkeling scuba diving

The array of animals and plants is quite spectacular. You will see sea horses and some of the rarest sea turtles on the planet. In fact, there are some species of sea turtles that only exist here. The coral are absolutely beautiful and the amount of coral in this area actually surpasses that which is found at the Great Barrier Reef. It is truly quite astounding.

If you venture further out into the waters you can take a great boat ride or maybe even pick up a wave to surf on. You won’t see the biggest waves in the Gulf of Thailand, but there are still great ones to catch and have a fun day out on the surf.

One of the things that are quite popular to do is to cliff dive. There are some fairly intense cliffs to jump off of and you will have a lot of fun here. Even if you are new to the sport, there are some easier ones to get your feet wet on so you can get used to jumping into the water from these heights. It is a lot fun for sure.

For those joining a tour to the island, lunch is brought as part of the excursion. These are a great opportunity to see this mostly untouched island so you can enjoy the beauty of the island while still getting a nice meal to go along with it. Of course, since there are no domesticated parts to it, you will not find much else to eat, but the tours offer an assortment of food that should fit anyone’s tastes. The fruit is absolutely awesome. Just so you know.

Things to Be Aware of When Going to Koh Seh

Because the island is virtually uninhabited and there are really no manmade structures on it, you should be fully prepared to rough it. This means that there is no electricity, no running water, no toilets, sewers, or any places to go and eat. When tourists are brought to the island, the tour company provides all the amenities that they will need, but when a person is just staying overnight here or just decides to come and visit, be prepared to do this all on your own.

You should also check to make sure that you have permission from the Ream National Park authorities before deciding to stay here. This area is protected and simply deciding to stay on your own without permission may be looked upon negatively.

If you want to see this island in its more wild state, you better plan on making a trip here now. Soon it will have that giant hotel and will not be the same. This is your opportunity to enjoy it as a mostly uncluttered wonder that offers some of the most beautiful waters that one will ever see. Book your trip today and you will be glad you did.

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